Using TANGObuilder, MS-TACSA saved more than 10% on their construction costs. Not only did they save money, but they were also able to reduce the overall development time, as well as drastically cut the tonnage of structural material by 40%.

Initially, the builders decided to take inspiration from past projects. While this seemed like it would save them time, the sub-optimal design and expensive materials needed for their structure put them at risk. Enter: TANGObuilder. Unlike any software out there, TANGObuilder does not require an initial solution or an "educated guess" to place the structural components. TANGObuilder will generate optimal solutions for your projects based on your unique set of requirements. All you need to do to get started is set the architect's design and the building's location; the platform will take it from there.

For this particular project, the savings came from optimizing the positioning of the structural columns. We were able to calculate the appropriate and most efficient distance between columns. Our findings reduced the number of structural components required and cut the structural weight from  167 kg/2 to 67kg/m2. In the second stage of optimization, we selected the structural elements that would be part of the lateral system. With TANGObuilders Earthquake Toolbox, the selection, design, and verification are automatic. In just a few seconds, an earthquake-resistant building design can be created. Below, you can compare the original design (on the left) with TANGObuilder's proposed solution (on the right).

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