Generate the structural designs you need in real time. Save money and hassle.

Tango gives engineers, architects and contractors the accurate and customized design information they need so they can work better — and faster.

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Welcome to Tango Builder! We are developing Tango so that you enjoy direct access to revolutionary technologies from the aerospace industry into your work as an architect, engineer or developer.

With Tango, you can generate faster, safer and more economical structural designs, while complying with the latest building codes and best international practices, all in real-time and based on your unique needs.

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Tango is fast

Upload your file. Customize output depending on structural design codes and other parameters. Access the design information you need in seconds. Output it in the format you need.

Tango is your assistant

Plug in the building location and your preferred construction material. Choose between various what-if scenarios: different design options and sizing. Compare material quantities, costs and carbon footprint. Download the accurate information you need to move to the next stage of the construction project.

Tango is smart

We bring powerful finite element processes from the aerospace industry to construction management. Tango works on a robust engineering foundation to give you complete control over the entire lifecycle of a project. Robust algorithms process the models you input to deliver just the information you need to do your job quickly, thoroughly and accurately.

Tango is affordable

No need to get bogged down by expensive licenses or long-term subscriptions. Our pay-as-you-go solution is affordable and cloud-based access means you always access the latest version.

Projects done with Tango

residential home at patagonia

Total cost reduced by 10%

Tango optimized the wall thickness of this residential building made of reinforced concrete walls and wood roof (1,600 ft2). This home is located in a seismic zone with snow hazard.

commercial steel building

Steel tonnage reduced by 40%

Tango optimized the steel structural system to reduce the required amount of steel for steel building (50,000 ft2) located in a high seismic zone.

large steel building

$1.5M cost reduction

Tango seismic design helped save Ecuador government more than $1.5M in construction cost for this based isolated hospital.

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