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Generate structural designs in real time.

TANGObuilder platform gives engineers, architects and contractors the accurate and customized design information they need so they can work better – and faster.

How Does TANGObuilder Help

TANGObuilder generates faster, safer and more economical structural designs, while complying with the latest building codes and best international practices, all in real-time and based on your unique needs.

Why Choose TANGObuilder?

The architecture, engineering and construction industry has not kept pace with the automation revolution.
TANGObuilder helps it catch up leveraging revolutionary technologies from the aerospace industry.

At your service

TANGObuilder works on a robust engineering foundation to give you complete control over the entire project design process saving time and hassle.


Upload your file. Customize output depending on structural design codes and other parameters. Access the design information you need in seconds. Output it in the format you need.


Plug in the building location and your preferred construction material. Choose between various what-if scenarios: different design options and sizing. 


Compare material quantities, costs and carbon footprint. Download the accurate information you need to move to the next stage of the construction project.


No need to get bogged down by expensive licenses or long-term subscriptions. Our pay-as-you-go solution is affordable.

Always updated

We keep TANGObuilder updated with the latest construction codes, and because it is cloud-based you always have access to the latest version.

Hear the projects talk by them self

Our Team

Martin Diz

Co-Founder, CEO

Martin lead the team of engineers that delivered the first smart luggage on his previous startup. For his PhD he developed a innovative concept for satellites automatic control that was selected by NASA to go to Space.

Juan Aleman

Co-Founder, CSO

Juan is an active member of the US ASCE National Masonry Subcommittee. As part of his PhD, he developed computationally efficient models supported by experimental testing on shake tables. As a professional engineer he has contributed to more than 200 projects.

Joaquin Vincent

Simulation & FEM Engineer

Joaquin is a senior engineer with more than 15 years of experience in computational methods and dynamic simulations. He developed advanced computational models as part of his academic research. He has expertise on simulation and design of satellites.

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